Leading Sliding Door Service In Florida State

Leading Sliding Doors Service In Florida State
Your Best Local Sliding Door Service

Leading Sliding Door Service in Florida State

Fix & Slide offers patio door repair, lock and latch repair, handle repair or replacement, sliding door roller repair, track repair or replacement, sliding door glass replacement, new sliding door and window installation and much more, all over the state of Florida.  At Fix & Slide we are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

Your Hometown Sliding Door Services Provider

We know how frustrating it can be and how a simple broken sliding door can ruin your day.

So, we’re here to help! At Fix & Slide, we specialize in sliding door repair of all kinds. We are here to handle your broken rollers, rusted tracks, stripped gliders, and broken glass without batting an eye.  There is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a door replacement when we can fix it for you at a minimal cost. 

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10% discount for active US service members, veterans and first responders.


Sliding Door Roller

The majority of calls we get from our clients are due to:

Difficulty opening and closing their sliding door.


Sliding Door Track

Many times, after using the door for a long time with broken rollers, the track can get bent, chipped, broken or misaligned therefore the entire door is useless. 


Sliding Door Lock

A common problem our clients have with their doors is broken locks.  Many times, this is due to a broken lock / short lock latch or having the wrong lock for your door.  


Sliding Door Handle

If it’s a broken door handle, an old door handle or the wrong handle to your sliding door we can replace it with various styles and budgets to fit your liking.  


Screen Door

A screen door is very important in Florida as it helps us to prevent bugs from coming into our home and also allows you to enjoy the fresh air.



When its suddenly hard to open and close your windows we have the solution!

Since Florida is very humid the window springs can rust very easily and cause breakage.  

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We’re here to help! At Fix & Slide, we specialize in sliding door repair of all kinds. 

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