Leading Sliding Door Service In Florida State

Leading Sliding Doors Service In Florida State


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We’re here to help! At Fix & Slide, we specialize in sliding door repair of all kinds. We are here to handle your broken rollers, rusted tracks, stripped gliders, and broken glass without batting an eye.

Sliding Door Roller Repair

The majority of calls we get from our clients are due to:

  • Difficulty opening and closing their sliding door.
  • Hard to lock the door.
  • There is a gap between the door frame and door itself.

All these problems can be solved with changing the rollers in your sliding door. Humidity which is common in Florida near the ocean and other issues such as pet hair and age of the door also contribute to replacement of rollers.  Once we change the rollers, we can solve all these problems. 

Sliding Door Track Repair

Many times, after using the door for a long time with broken rollers, the track can get bent, chipped, broken or misaligned therefore the entire door is useless.  Broken rollers hit the track and can dent or break it.  As a result, the door bounces while sliding it and causes difficulty in opening or closing.  This can also cause a lot of unwanted noise.  The sooner you fix this type of issue the better off you are as it can lead to other types of damage to the rollers, ball bearings and door itself.

Sliding Door Lock Repair

A common problem our clients have with their doors is broken locks.  Many times, this is due to a broken lock / short lock latch or having the wrong lock for your door.  This is not something you should ignore as this leaves the safety of your home in jeopardy. 

Sliding Door Handle Repair

If it’s a broken door handle, an old door handle or the wrong handle to your sliding door we can replace it with various styles and budgets to fit your liking.  

Screen Door Repair

A screen door is very important in Florida as it helps us to prevent bugs from coming into our home and also allows you to enjoy the fresh air.

Screen doors can get damaged from age and pets.  With these things you will find small holes in the screen which will then allow the bugs to enter your home. 

Screen door rollers might also need repair or replacement from time to time.  Many times, these screens are installed with smaller plastics rollers which can break easily.  We can change these rollers out for you to stainless-steel to assure they last much longer. 

Window Repair

When its suddenly hard to open and close your windows we have the solution!

Since Florida is very humid the window springs can rust very easily and cause breakage.  We can match the springs to your windows and install it for you so you can easily open and close then with no hassle.

repair screen enclosures

We repair and repaint screen enclosures from any size and shape . There is no small job for us! From one panel to a complete screen enclosure repair and paint !

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We’re here to help! At Fix & Slide, we specialize in sliding door repair of all kinds. 

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